Who we are

B&T Touristik was founded in February 1998 by Thomas Oepen and is a private company. It is nowadays owned by Thomas Oepen, Johannes Oepen and Oni Amiel.

B&T Touristik started as a tour operator specialized in customized tours for groups from Germany (and other German speaking countries) to destinations all over the world. Very soon the company organized study tours for individual guests. At the moment we are offering about 60 different tours to more than 50 different destinations worldwide.

In 2013 the company took over the management of the German company of Oni Amiel: Shalom Israel Reisen. This tour operator has been offering pilgrimage tours, study tours, leisure trips, and some more journeys to Israel and to Jordan for more than 30 years.

Due to our knowledge of Germany and Europe as a travel-destination, our contacts to suppliers in Germany and Europe, our experience in the tourism business, and due to the contacts of Oni Amiel to clients all over the world we decided to open up a new department within our company. This is the incoming department – mostly for clients from North America.

At present we have 3 people working in this incoming department. And in 2017 we had bookings for more than 30 groups from the US, from Canada, and from South America. The people working for B&T Touristik have up to 31 years of experience in the tourism business. The Passion Play in Oberammergau was handled in 1990, 2000 and 2010!

Our work focusses mainly on two issues:
1. Client’s needs – our goal is to fulfill the needs of every client even before he knows about these needs himself.
2. Customer satisfaction – every guest has to return home happily and wishing to come back as soon as possible to explore other parts of our beautiful country.

So, here we are!

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